Articles by Pastor Caspar

Pastor Caspar's articles and column contributions to various publications, like L.A. Marzulli's Prophecy, Politics and The Supernatural (PP&S).

Pastor Caspar's Blog

Check out Pastor Caspar's Blog, with articles discussing many amazing topics, dating back to 2012.

The Shroud of Turin

Articles discussing the Shroud of Turin and Pastor Caspar's book on the subject. The Shroud is believed by many to potentially be the burial shroud of Jesus Christ.

Insights from Dr. Mike

Atricles and insights from Dr. Mike Spaulding on a variety of important topics for the End-Times Church.

Spiritual Issues Behind Sickness and Disease

Excerpts and topics from Pastor Caspar's book, What Was I Thinking, co-written with Linda Lange, discussing the spiritual issues behind sickness and disease.

Praying Citizen Newsletter

Lori Colley's Blog and newsletter for Christian conservatives, where she explains current events, why it matters and how you can pray about it.