From Tales Of A Wandering Prophet.

This is a published testimony from Charisma House where a women named Vicki Synn I ministered to over the telephone was healed of Gestational Diabetes. The medical community said there is no cure for this, however they do not know the Lord Jesus/Yeshua. I hadn't met her yet at the time, her husband Hubbie Synn is the one who years later prophesied over Rabbi Jonathan Cahn to write the Harbinger.

Hubie Synn Vicki's Testimony.

Tales Of A Wandering Prophet

Once again we felt burned by a "prophesy" that did not come true. We couldn't help feeling wounded and confused all over again.

But God was using every moment of that pregnancy experience to graduate us to new levels of faith. One lesson involved Vicki's miraculous healing from a sickness rooted in unresolved issues with her father. Vicki had developed gestational diabetes during her forth pregnancy and developed it again during her fifth. She failed a glucose intolerance test. Frustrated that God would not deliver her from it, I remembered meeting a minister named Caspar McCloud who was knowledgeable about the spiritual roots of disease. We received ministry and prayer from Caspar one evening by phone.

"let me ask you, Vicki, have you suffered from abandonment and a broken relationship with your father?" he said.

Vicki's mouth nearly hit the floor. How could he have known that? Could that really be the cause of the diabetes instead of hormonal imbalance as the doctor had suggested?

Vicki went through prayer steps to forgive her father, received her heavenly Father's love, and received healing.

To our amazement, her symptoms disappeared immediately after the phone call. She took a glucose intolerance test the next day and passed it! Doctors say that gestational diabetes goes away once a woman gives birth and her hormones return to normal, but not during pregnancy. God was healing Vicki's body, and soul and showing us He was with us.

Testimony of Mr. Jim Ousley - Healing of Heart Disease

Mr. Jim Ousley's video testimony

"Pastor Caspar, I just wanted to tell you what an amazing job you did speaking at the Hear the Watchman conference. I was impressed by your knowledge on several areas of science that I am passionate about. I don't think I've ever met someone who was so talented musically, biblically and is able to understand complex sciences like Epigenetics, Quantum Physics, Neuroscience, Neurobiology etc."… J.R.

I avoid cult organization….but felt compelled to connect only because I felt safe being a fellow musician. And, the fact that I watched the video of the pastor….dont even recall his name, sorry….who died and came back……I quite resonated with his energy and message in the name of Christ Jesus. Thank you. M.S.

Great Hear the watchmen conference and interview ! Good Job Pastor Caspar and Lisa !! C.S

I love Casper!! God bless Jesus!

B Rhodes

I first saw Casper on Trey Smith youtube page. An amazing story indeed.

Wow! Casper has verified some spiritual issues for me. We have a lot in common! Thanks for interviewing him, Lisa! And thanks for keeping us all updated and meeting all these wonderful folks that share their testimonies in your interviews. You are awesome for that! Have a blast and grab a blessing for yourself, you deserve it for not abandoning us while you are enjoying the conference.

Praise report, the Lord heals

Praise report: I thank my Father God in Heaven for the divine appointment he gave me with my dear friend Pastor Caspar McCloud tonight at Trader Joes. The Lord had Caspar pray for my voice to be restored and immediately the Lord healed my vocal cords and I could speak and sing again…Brenda J Kent

I read the book you co-authored with Simon Brown.

It was a great summary!……Russ Breault
Russ Breault
Shroud of Turin Education Project Inc.

Hi, Pastor Caspar McCloud. I just wanted to quickly introduce myself. I'm the youngest brother of a gentleman you met in NC named Mark. My English name is Joshua. I live way over on the main island of Taiwan, where I work as an English teacher, artist, musician, and translator.
Really been enjoying your work this week - not just your tremendous painting skills and guitar playing either. I've begun listening to a series of your messages on things like self-pity (affected me a lot growing up) and health.
Being blessed tremendously…..
Grace and peace to you from the Lord Jesus.
In His Name,

Dear Caspar,

We do have one of your new books, but I like to have a book for each of us so when we want to make notes we will have our book to make notes.

By the way, I forgot to tell you, I went to the doctor yesterday and she listened to my heart and said I no longer had an irregular heart. I already knew that after you prayed for me, but it's always nice to get confirmation.

In Christ,


Dear Caspar,My Mother-in-law had given your book" Nothing is Impossible", to my husband, which I thought was funny because he is not a reader. I need to tell you, once I picked up your book I couldn't put it down. You have made me think about our Lord and Jesus Christ in a way I have never thought of. Like you were, I admit I am still in a search for God, but I know now that it is not something that occurs overnight, it is a journey. I am finding that the more I learn the more I want to learn. And after reading your book, I am so inspired. Last week I officially accepted Jesus Christ into my heart by baptism, and I am on a path to enlightenment…..

Anyway if you ever come to Las Vegas, it would be an honor to meet you. God Bless!!

S. C Las Vegas.

This review is from: What Was I Thinking? (Paperback)

I never realized until I read this book that what I'm rehearsing in my mind produces peace or stress, health or sickness in my body. My destiny can be changed by monitoring my thoughts, so the words I speak will bring blessings. Very practical help for my spiritual growth. Thanks so much.

5.0 out of 5 stars thinking, November 14, 2010

By Dottie Miley "Dottie" (Pennyslvania)

This review is from: What Was I Thinking? (Paperback)

God wants our thoughts to work for us and not against us. We need to feed out minds by the word. We need to ask the Lord to help us recognize when our thoughts go astray. We need to take the thought captive and replace it with truth.

5.0 out of 5 stars Decisions: Thinking verses Feeling!, October 25, 2010

By Robert A. Burns "Pastor Bob" (Wyomissing, PA USA)

This review is from: What Was I Thinking? (Paperback)

This is an excellent book for all, yes all, Christians to read. Experiences in life reveal that the subject of thinking as it is covered in the Word of God has not been routinely taught in the church. This is a book driven toward spiritual growth for all.
The authors deal with this important subject in a progressive learning mannner for all ages to read and learn, and to place into their lives.
This is not a book on non-Christian physiology, but one written with teaching us of our brain funtion to thought patterns as a Christian to overcoming whatever is our specific problem or change needed in this area. Chapter Fourteen provides for us prayers for a renewed thought life.
Experiences in ministry reveal that many feel and not think. This book sets the biblical standards for the overall thought process.
It is excellent, and is a needed-reading for each of us.

5.0 out of 5 stars Plan on staying up late to finish this book!, May 19, 2006

By D. Fletcher (Georgia)

This review is from: Nothing Is Impossible (Paperback)

What an amazing testimony to the goodness of God!
This book tells a fascinating story of God's redeeming love in the midst of rock and roll, paint brushes, and the London nightlife. Caspar's life as a master guitarist and stunningly gifted painter will keep you turning page after page…I had to read it in one sitting! The limitless love and power of our Lord Jesus Christ is demonstrated in this man's life story…and his 'death' story. We worship an astounding God who still does miracles today. This book is an inspiring tale of just what Jesus meant when He said in Matthew 10:8 "Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead cast out demons." Follow along on Caspar's journey and witness the astounding power of God!

5.0 out of 5 stars This is truth - Why waste your time with the Da Vinci Code!!!, May 25, 2006

By Life Traveler "Jay" (Georgia) -

This review is from: Nothing Is Impossible (Paperback)

Here is a story of a man who was on an absolute track to startom and found the real truth and value of life in God's word. He is a professional oil portrait and aquestrian artist. He is also a professional guitarist with many CD's to his name. Some os his 45 records of the past are being re-released.

It's time for YOU to discover Caspar McCloud ~~~ Go to Google and search on "Caspar McCloud" and you will find 127,000 hits…

You could spend your lifetime being deluded and confused by "Da Vinci Code" type of junk. Find the truth!!!

Go to the source - Read God's Word the Bible and Caspar's book and you will see that "Nothing is Impossible"!!!

5.0 out of 5 stars God is Good, God is great - this is the icing on the cake, May 21, 2006

ByBBB (America) -

This review is from: Nothing Is Impossible (Paperback)

Wow! What a testimony. How many rockers do you know that God raised from the dead? I don't see Jerry Garcia still truckin'. Okay, I repent, but couldn't resist.

This testimony and Caspar's awesome music show God's grace, mercy and goodness. God also has a few rules one must follow to totally be in His favor to receive such. Caspar's book will lead you down that straight highway to God's miracles.

See also Henry Wright's "A More Excellent Way" and just about anything by Derek Prince for a triple play weekend of faith-exploding reading.


What Was I Thinking?draws upon a wealth of personal experience to vividly demonstrate why the Bible says, "As a man thinks in his heart, so is he." Drawing on modern research, which certainly confirms much that I experienced with my patients when I worked as a family physician, this book teaches that right thinking does much more than just lead to good mental health; it lays the foundation for our overall physical well-being as well. Read, enjoy, prosper, and be in health!"

Tony and Felicity Dale
Authors of The Rabbit and the Elephant
(with George Barna), and Renewing the Mind

What Was I Thinking?is full of wisdom and practical guidance about how to heal diseases by learning to think healthy thoughts. It is clear that our thoughts produce physical changes in our bodies. Thoughts which are based on faith, love, joy, peace, and forgiveness will produce health, and thoughts which are based on fear, worry, anger, and resentment will produce disease. This book will teach you how to be healed and stay healthy. I highly recommend that you give a copy to your doctor and ask your doctor to work with you to use these teachings in your healing process.

Peter Wyman, MD
Primary Care Internal Medicine

What was I Thinking? Instructive, compelling, packed with insight and practical wisdom.

A book that dissects the mind-body connections, shattering common misconceptions and offering priceless wisdom that can save your life! Theologically, I may differ on a few points, but none that alter the foundational message in this book. As a physician for almost two decades, I have seen the dynamics explained in this book play out in countless patients. This is a must-read for everyone. Thank you, Caspar and Linda, for putting together such an important resource, written in an engaging, fun, easy-to-read, informative format with practical, ready-to-apply, life-changing principles. You can begin immediately to change your life with this road map on how to fulfill your unique destiny, walk in your God-given gifts, and experience the"abundant life" we were all meant to have.

Dr. Teresa Allen
Internist for Adult Health and Preventative Medicine

Caspar's life is constructed on the rock of his faith, and this book shows you clearly how to find your own rock and to build on it.

Robert Lacey
Best-selling author and royal biographer to HRM the Queen of England

In our ministry here in Thailand we serve many people with health and mental problems. What Was I Thinking?,written by Caspar and Linda, is an excellent, biblical, and readable resource helping people overcome their fears through greater trust and faith in God by the power of the Holy Spirit in their lives. I've known Caspar for some time; through applying the teachings of this book, he long since has overcome allergies and other health issues. My wife is also living victoriously over long-term back pain. Both came to grips with thoughts that produced fears and stresses in their lives, making me a believer in the spirit-mind-body connections that Caspar and Linda so clearly reveal in this book. Great teaching!

Rev. Alan Lawton
Missionary to Thailand with Pioneers

It's great to see Caspar use all the tools that God has blessed him with. When I first met him back in 1983, I knew he was a talented musician, but only recently have I learned what an amazing writer and person he is. I'm glad to know him and thankful that we have kept in touch after all these years. This is a great book!

Matt Bassionett
Joe Satroni and Ringo Star All Star Band

I once heard it said that if you sow a thought, you'll reap an action; sow an action, you'll reap a habit; sow a habit, you'll reap a lifestyle. Thank you for this book and for reminding us of the importance of our thought life! Well done!

Peter Furler

Caspar McCloud has been a personal friend of mine for twenty-odd years. My background was radically different from his. I was raised as a liberal, Jewish New Yorker with a drive to get involved in the entertainment industry. Caspar, a Christian from across the pond, was a musician and performer who was gifted enough to have the industry come searching for him. We were introduced in the early '80s, by Michael Shrieve (Hall of Fame recipient and member of Santana), with whom I was working at the time. Caspar immediately became a faithful "mate" of mine, and unlike the hundreds of other industry stars and players with whom I have associated, has remained so ever since. We had lost contact with each other for several years, and when we finally connected again, it was as if no time had passed. Only now Caspar had a "secret" that he was ready to share with the world, and that was his faith in a higher being. I have always admired Caspar for being able to have true spiritual faith…something that he has tried to pass on to me for some time. I suggest that you read Caspar's first publication, Nothing Is Impossible, to get a grip on what makes this man tick. What Was I Thinking? will allow you to peak into Caspar McCloud's faith and will show you how this man is a true spiritual Bodhisattva.

Eliot Goldstein

Tour Assistance and Coordination

for Stadium Tours which included
U-2 / Rolling Stones / Metallica / Ozzfests /
Bruce Springstein/ Fleetwood Mac
Independent Record Producer
Artist Management

Caspar McCloud's life proves the reality of the mind-body-spirit connection. Just as his heart stopped beating in 2001, a friend prayed and called his spirit to return and took authority over his dying body. His life since then has been a testimony to the power God gives us to take control of our thought life and the way that it impacts our spirit and body. McCloud's healing and subsequent life of victory shows us the timeless principles of freedom through truth. In What Was I Thinking?, he shows how you can live a life where your spirit plays its proper role with the result that you live a free and abundant life. Read it, put it into practice, and your life can't help but change!

Seth Barmes

CEO of Adventures in Missions

I am privileged to be able to call Caspar McCloud a friend and mentor. Since our very first conversation, I found myself challenged and encouraged by his words of faith and wisdom. What Was I Thinking? is an outstanding way to learn what it means to take your thoughts captive and what your thoughts really are capable of doing.

Ashley Dasher

Guitarist, Unhindered

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Pastor Caspar and Linda's book, What Was I Thinking?It is scripturally rich and doctrinally sound. It pulls the reality of spiritual forces from without, as well as within, influencing our thought life, and in turn our world around us. We are indeed what we think, and this book not only reveals the negative sources of influence, but more importantly shows us how to deal with it for the renewing of our minds for more productive service in the Kingdom of God.

Eddie T. Rogers

Founder, Revival in Power Ministries
and Revival Alliance International Network

Author, Supernatural: Living Under an Open Heaven

and The Power of Impartation

Never has a book of the Spirit opened with as warm or reassuring a tone as Caspar and Linda's address to "Papa God." Too often those who author books that offer to teach us how to improve our lives and spiritual/physical health bring with them the accusatory tone of a judgmental parent. What Was I Thinking? offers all the guidance of a considerate physician or parent, but with tenderness and good humor. In a clear, conversational tone and succinct, readable chapters, these authors open their arms to guide the lost, assure the frightened, assuage the ill, and nurture those battling with internal emptiness and strife. If the Holy Bible is our Owner's Manual to spiritual and physical health, What Was I Thinking? is surely, and thankfully, our Dummy's Guide to get us back on track toward all that Papa God wants us to be.

L.A. Pomeroy

Northampton, MA, Journalist

Thank you for coming to our fellowship to share your testimony, to share scripture, and call on the Holy Spirit to heal those in need. I have had a chance to listen to part of your music CD. It's the first example that I have heard of real rock and roll gospel. You were a blessing to us and I hope to get a chance to see you again."Dear Caspar,

Dr.J. S

Dear Pastor Caspar,

My spirit is singing a new song!!! Literally

We were so blessed by your giving of yourselves to our lives on Sat. night! My soul is crying out to be filled over and over and you are part
of the renewal of my mind that God is leading me to.

D. D

"Dear Caspar,

I have a feeling that God is using you for a major outpouring of His Spirit and presence and possibly

another Brownsville, FL church revival. Only God knows who and how many will be touched by what we do, but we must learn to be obedient wherever He directs us.) This is not to 'make you proud' , but, from your testimony and your love for the Lord that comes through in your music, emails, etc., I

REALLY think that the Lord will be using you to reach many in a truly totally life changing way (metanoia in Greek), as long as your attitude keeps in line with Him and His Word.

We'll be praying for you and your ministry. God bless you and your family mightily!

In Christ,


Greencastle, PA

"Caspar Wow. You are Amazing. God is going out of His way to let you know that you have a

special anointing!!!!!!!! I am really, really glad that God is raising up

battle axes like you to tell the people the truth. It's about time!


"Article: Story of a friend raised from the dead

Dear Seth, around 1998 and 99 you wanted me to meet Caspar McCloud. I forgot exactly why but I had met him and his family in late 2000 by divine appointment. I thought it was just like being with Jesus. I heard him in a mini concert and he was phenomenal. I was blown away by his artistic talent.

Then, about a couple years ago TBN did a story on him. He shared how God completely healed him and how he didn't have to take heart medicine anymore.

That was an awesome testimony of God's power and love.

J. P


Dear Pastor Caspar,

I wanted to give you an update on my health status. My apologies for not emailing you sooner. As usual, I am letting work get in the way of some things but I'm purposing to be more mindful of that this year.

I have seen a complete turn around these last 3 months since you ministered to me. Even my symptoms from this summer have gone away. I have had 3 months of regular 28 day cycles. I have had no pain due to the fibroids at all. I was hesitant to proclaim a "miracle" at first because it was a monthly issue. So I waited for a 3 month marker just to be sure. My mom and I decided to forgo the surgery over the holidays.

I know this was not the result of any medicines or work on my behalf. It's weird to receive a miracle. One doesn't get an email or a note in the mail saying "You're healed". But I have definitely seen a change in my health for the better. I attribute all of that to prayer and faith in healing. Thanks again for all of you help, prayers, thoughts, and concerns for me over the past few months. I'm sure our paths shall cross again. Take care!



Pastor Caspar wrote a short explanation of what transpired here with Stephanie.

"A very bright young man who was an engineer I was witnessing to brought me a young women to talk to me one night as I was getting ready to leave my office and go home as it was already 9pm He simply introduce her as one of his co workers and quickly disappeared back out the door. Now my heart is to minister and pray for anyone the Lord puts in front of me, yet it is our strict policy that we minister two by two. However at 9pm on a Thursday night I did not have opportunity to call for one of my trained ministers or friends to come and help. I felt the Lord tell me to ask this young women to drive down the street to a Star Bucks and we could meet there as I was the last one in the building this night. Sitting in a very crowded Star Bucks as she told me about the tumors the doctors had discovered in her uterus and I soon discovered the roots of her problem. Stephanie was about 25 years old and wanted to have children someday in near future, the doctors wanted to removed her female parts to be able to do what God designed her to do. As soon as I explained to her what was behind the real issues and touched on the place in her heart where the devil had a legal right to her she burst into tears. I suppose the people sitting near us thought she was perhaps my mistress and I was ending the relationship. Fortunately I do not really care what anyone there thought about the scene taking place. I lead Stephanie in a prayer to repent for her participation with fellowshipping with devils and then by an act of the Holy Spirit as I laid my hands on her the Lord performed a creative miracle and did a creative cure.

As so often the case I did not hear back from Stephanie, but saw her friend that introduced us some months later and inquired about how she was doing? Hence the letter arrived soon after. Anyway I pray this blesses you and encourages you to read as it blessed Stephanie to receive."

Thank you for accepting my friend request. I was on Ustream when you visited John Aldridge. John ministers to me and i am so thankful for not only Pastor John but you as well Casper. I first saw you in Georgia at FML in October 2008..I have been walking out of much devastation and MSC/EI..I ask God to bless you and your family each day. Thank you for caring so deeply for all Of God's Children Pastor McCloud. Thank you for posting on my wall. I shall want to get your book. Love & Blessings..Gina

I was ministering to a woman yesterday and telling her my testimony. Part of my testimony is being delivered from meth by your husband, not to mention all the wonderful things being healthy did for me. Anyway, I don't think I told Pastor Casper what was going through my mind as I sat there looking into his eyes with that "damn" thing manifesting in me. hahaha… I can't laugh now, but at the time "It" was telling me to spit in his face. Well, I'd never spit in someone's face so I started laughing instead. Your husband persisted in driving "It" out of me until my laughter turned to tears and peace came over me.
Let me tell you what happened after that though. I left the church and on the way home I got a phone call from a woman I used to use with. She invited me over to "share" with her. I declined and went home. The very next day I got a text message from an old high school buddy who I never even used with before, inviting me over for the same thing. I couldn't believe how hard the enemy was working to get me to fall. The next day that guy went to prison for selling meth. How GREAT IS OUR GOD! I've never touched it again and I'm am full of the Holy Spirit… PRAISE GOD!
This is bringing tears to my eyes right now. If you want to share my testimony to help others please fill free to do so.
I thank God for you and Pastor Casper and all the folks at beinhealth. Where would I be right now if God wasn't using you as a vessel.
Keep up the good works and I'm doing the same now.

From Face Book

A. S talking about the Upper Room Fellowship.

Last year God brought me to a small church for mid-week meetings,and now I am going on Sunday. This church is incredible. The people there genuinely love and care about each other. This body of believers prays for each other like no other church I have ever seen. I don't see cliques. This church practices forgiveness and unconditional love. My pastor gives more Scriptures in his sermons to back up everything he is saying, so we know it is not him, but the Word of God. He studies and then presents only the truth in the Bible. How grateful and refreshing it is to see a pastor preach only truth, not preach what people "feel good' about.

Dear Pastor Caspar ~

…..I have to agree with the people who said WWIT (WHAT WAS I THINKING?) would be best to read first before AMEW (A More Excellent Way). I was a nurse for 14 years and understood the medical jargon of the book AMEW but I have shared it with so many people and they just got too overwhelmed with it. I believe if they read WWIT first then AMEW they would have a better understanding and not get overwhelmed (you can quote me on that :). We are spreading the word on WWIT to lots of friends and family and we will be praying for it to be in lots of bookstores soon because people are requesting it so much :).

Loving you in His Love,
Susie Legg

Susie Cherry Legg, I think my favorite book will always be my Bible, but right after that is a book by Pastor Caspar McCloud and Linda Lange called, "What Was I Thinking". It is awesome! Check it out on Amazon (you can read chapter 4 from this site to get a little taste).

What Was I Thinking

Dr. Julie W. Chambliss You have been a tremendous blessing to me, Caspar!!

"My friend Pastor Caspar McCloud may not say much, but when he does it really cuts to the core: "If we won't obey Papa God and keep His commandments here what will prevent us from doing that in heaven someday? Why should God allow us into Heaven for all eternity when we won't cooperate with Him here?"….Pastor Caspar McCloud"

Tov Rose

TOV Rose is the author of several books, including The Book of GOD, The New Messianic Version of the Bible, The Baptism of Jesus from a Jewish Perspective, Jesus in the Passover,

It is an honor to share a few words about my dear brother Caspar Mc Cloud, a faithful friend, husband, father and servant of our Father GOD and Savior Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Caspar has been given many GOD given talents, a musician; artist, speaker, writer, author and pastor are just a few.

Caspar is a sincerely humble man who uses his talents to serve our GOD and others each and every day. His hunger and desire to live a righteous life and help others achieve the same goal goes hand in hand.

In 2004 I watched Caspar's TBN video documenting how he was raised from the dead and healed of all his diseases proving that "Nothing is impossible" for our GOD. This documentary had a great impact on my life and built my faith to believe that GOD loved me too and also wanted to heal me. Reading Caspar's book the revised version of "Nothing is Impossible" is nothing short of a MIRACLE and well worth the reader's time!

It has been my joy to see firsthand the mighty anointing of GOD upon Caspar and he teaches to countless multitudes.

"Exposing the Spirit of Self-Pity" is destined to flow in this same anointing-a balanced teaching of the Holy WORD of GOD. When you apply the truths outlined in this book, any self pity you may have possessed will be destroyed in Jesus name!

"Exposing the Spirit of Self-Pity and Revised-"Nothing is impossible" are two books ever believer should read.

Caspar's ministry crosses denominational lines, reaching those who are hurting, abused and broken hearted, those who need healing, miracles and wholeness. He reaches out to those who may not even know who GOD is or realize that GOD loves and cares for them.

Pastor Caspar has touched the lives of the young and old alike sharing the good news of the gospel through the gifts our GOD has given him. I hope you will also be touched by his ministry www.pastorcaspar.com

God bless you Caspar and all you do for HIM

Speaker and author of Where Are Your Accusers

Co-laborer in Christ the Messiah,

Angel E

Subject: Re: Father's Love Conference Recording

Hey thanks for Fathers love! Casper really did the best Fathers love I have ever had!!!! May God continue to Bless him. WHAT A GODLY LOVING MAN. LoL Kat


I really appreciate your call last night and all your help…. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!! Praise God! I was able to get most of Pastor McCloud's teaching early this morning and I was able to hear it much better. There was a wealth of scriptures. The ministry time was so powerful and awesome.!!!!!! I have been extremely blessed as a wipe away my tears. Thank you so much Pastor Autumne for your ministry and making this possible!! God bless you and your family and have a beautiful Thanksgiving! Debi

Healed of Fibromyalgia

Keeping in mind the medical community says, things like Fibromyalgia are very complicated conditions. It has no specific causes and no known cure. Nevertheless, ALL things are possible with our God!!!
Psalm 103-1 Bless the Lord, O my soul: and all that is within me, bless his holy name. 2 Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits:3 Who forgiveth all thine iniquities; who healeth all thy diseases;

Hey Pastor Caspar! Would you believe that after suffering with fibromyalgia for 10 years, its gone?I just wanted to tell you that. Ive been healed. Praise God! I haven't had any pain. I've been cautious about my proclamation, but I Ive been pain free for at least 2 months now. I used to have debilitating stiffness for almost 8 years. It would come and go. Then there were the jabbing random pains that made me stop what I was doing and holler out loud. It was like someone was sticking pins in a voodoo doll of me (LOL). Then there was the bout with trigeminal neuralgia in my face. (1 week in the recliner and many pain pills). I avoid prescription pain pills but that was one case that needed them. Mostly took ibuprofen several times a week. Went to doctor after doctor, massage therapist, naturopath. Changed my diet, that helped a little until I fell off the wagon.

So I've noticed over the last couple of months, getting up first thing in the morn, not as much stiffness. I'm able to walk on my weak left foot (with bone spur) first thing without limping. In the mornings I looked like "Quasimodo" in the mornings or every time I sat for a length of time.

Along with the fibro, I had tendinitis in both arms. Sometimes couldn't sleep on one side or the other, wake up in pain.

I'm here to say all that is gone……

I have not done one thing different.

I sincerely believe the Lord healed me since I started going to URF.

I have been under a huge amount of stress this last month with my mom. Yet I'm still pain free….

I'm healed! Now you know why I wasn't riding my horse! LOL!

I've been praising God now for weeks. Thank you for your church. Every time I go I feel at peace.. I need that.


North Georgia

"God Bless you precious pastor Caspar , you are such an inspiration and Blessing to us all. I listen to your sermon every Sunday and all your videos I love your broadcast and I listen everyday to your blessed music, your worship music is the Best!!! You are such a Blessing ✝️🙏🏻🕊 "


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